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Obtaining reliable information about your Federal Benefits is becoming increasingly difficult. Many HR departments are regional and cannot offer one-on-one guidance so that employees can get the answers they seek. If you have an on-site HR staff, they are usually buried under a steady flow of incoming Retirement Applications, New Hires and Worker’s Comp and have little time to educate their constituents to a degree that is useful to the employee’s long term planning needs. Sadly, most advisors are not familiar with Federal Employee Benefits, so an employee has no one they can turn to locally to help them in real time with the critical decisions that they need to make about their benefits.

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Our federal employee Benefit Counselors are highly trained specialists with decades of experience, many of whom are former federal employees themselves. We know Federal Employee Benefits and we know Federal Employees even better.

Our mission is to provide a solid educational foundation to every federal employee seeking to understand their benefits; and to further guide you in the coordination of those benefits towards the goal of achieving their maximum value and ultimately the financial security you deserve.

Making Your Benefits Count!

Using our proprietary software, we will perform a complimentary Computerized Benefits Analysis individual to your unique situation. Understanding your current financial situation is key to establishing a solid foundation. By providing a comprehensive and detailed report, you will be armed with the facts and be better able to avoid costly mistakes, yielding greater potential for a future beyond the federal system. Further enthusiasm develops as the value of your federal benefits package becomes clearer. Naturally, what follows is a higher sense of purpose… and retiring well becomes a reality.

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